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For Guangxi Medical University students
Students can get a card through the management center of campus card.
For Guangxi Medical University formal staff
All of formal staff (including The First Affiliated Hospital”¢The Tumor Hospital and the Affiliated Hospital of Stomatology) can apply for a card at the reference desk with work permit”¢inch bareheaded photo and £¤10.00 RMB.
For Non-Guangxi Medical University users and institutions
Please apply for a card at the Reference Desk with Certification of work unit”¢inch bareheaded photo£¬the library card is available for one year and may be renewed.
Management and Cancellation
Please take good care of the library card, it shall not be lent to others, the offenders depending on the degree of the violation would be given criticism or stopped borrowing right and so on.
Readers who lose the library card are to be supposed to report the loss with work permit or student card at the Reference Desk in order to avoid losses. Within a month from the date of report the loss,if the card has still not been retrieved, the reader can re-apply for a new library card. Readers who have got a new card and then retrieved the old card should return the old card to the library to cancel, it is not allowed to use two cards for one person.
The borrower must possess his own legitimate library card for borrowing of books. Books borrowed should not be lent to others; the borrower has to bear the responsibility for any loss or damage to the borrowed material.
Staff, undergraduate students and post-graduates can borrow up to 15 books. Undergraduate students can borrow up to 10 books(not exceeding 4 volume books of I category) per person. Secondary students can borrow up to 6 books(not exceeding 2 volume books of I category )per person..The same Library card cannot be used to borrow two or more identical books
The borrowing time of books is up to 30 days. Books borrowed cannot be returned before 3 days from the lending date.
If the loaner wants to extend the borrowing time, one can do following the online procedures on the Library website, the time limit of renewing is 30 days. (undergraduate students and secondary students cannot renew books of I category).Overdue book readers cannot extend the time.
Borrowers who go over the time limit, will be stooped the borrowing right and require to pay overdue fines, overdue fine is 0.1 RMB / volumes / day. Overdue books and the books have been renewed will not be allowed to be borrowed by the same borrower on the same week.
Books in the 24-hour reading room and reference books in the fifth floor cannot be borrowed.
Please do not write, damage or spoil the library books in any ways. Offenders will be punished in accordance with relevant regulations.
Readers who lose the library card should promptly report the loss at the Reference Desk.
Those who has to leave need to retire the library card before gain the sign and seal.

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