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      Guangxi Medical Library was established in 1934.It is a member of Medical Library Association of Colleges and Universities in China, CALIS of Southern China, CALIS Medical Library and the Executive Director of Library Professional Committee of Guangxi Higher Education Institute.
      The new library building was completed in 2008.It has a total floor area of of 29,880 square meters which provided 2,430 seats. The library has: Stack Room, Reading Room, Electronic Reading Room, Video Audio-visual Area, Medical Novelty Room and 24-hour Self-study Room.The total collection have been over 1.3 million item/volumes, journals in Chinese and foreign languages are more than 4,000 (current Periodicals 1,729), 26 electronic databases, e-books are more than 0.92 million by end of 2014.
      The library aims to "Reader First, Serving and Educating People”, commited to building the biomedical and health-based medicine, humanities, supplemented, taking into account the relevant discipline, discipline and quality education with integration of both paper documents and electronic documents, physical and virtual collections complementary collections, library resources and school size fit, balanced development of the collection system.
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